Courses / Undergraduate

Summer 2020

  • Entertainment Law

    Film 177 | CCN: 12642

    Sachi Schuricht & Isaac Hager

    4 Units

    Session D


    Lecture: M,W,F   5:30pm-8:30pm                  Location: Online – Synchronous Instruction



    The practice of entertainment law in the United States lies at the intersection of a number of legal disciplines, among them constitutional law, tort law, copyright law, and trademark law, and applies those disciplines to the world of entertainment. This course will introduce you to basic principles of those disciplines and their use in entertainment law. The goal of the course is to equip practitioners in film and media with an understanding of entertainment law sufficient to recognize legal issues that may arise in their practice so as to either avoid problems or find their solutions.

    This course satisfies the L&S breadth requirement in Philosophy and Values and can count toward the elective requirement in the Film major.

    (This course will proceed via remote instruction during Session D)