Summer 2024

  • Documentary Forms: Contemporary Documentary

    125 001 | CCN: 15583

    Jaimie Baron

    Location: Etcheverry 3107

    Date and Time: TU, W, TH, 10:00 am - 12:29 pm

    4 Units

    In an era marked by information overload and epistemic uncertainty, documentary films continue to serve as a potent means of examining, interpreting, and communicating the many facets of our rapidly transforming social world. Contemporary Documentary will immerse students in the captivating and complex realm of documentary filmmaking in the 21st century. The course will delve into the artistry, history, and societal impact of documentary cinema, providing insight into its pivotal role in shaping our collective consciousness. Students will develop an understanding of documentary film’s diverse forms, including expository, observational, interactive, reflexive, poetic, and performative modes. We will also explore ethical questions surrounding representation, objectivity, and advocacy in relation to real-world events. In class discussions, students will apply their critical thinking skills to deconstruct and analyze documentaries. For their final assignment, students will undertake research projects that involve close analysis of several contemporary documentary films.