Courses / Undergraduate

Summer 2020

  • Documentary

    Film 128 | CCN: 15249

    Diana Ruíz

    4 Units

    Session A


    Lecture:  M,W,F     11:30am-2pm                 Location: Online – Asynchronous Instruction 


    Screening: W  2pm-5pm                             Location: Online – Asynchronous Instruction 

    In this survey course, we will take on the tradition of documentary filmmaking from the turn of the twentieth century into the present, grappling with questions such as: who speaks for whom in documentaries, and why does it matter? How are notions of objectivity or a point of view constructed on screen?  What are the effects of “staging” events in a documentary? Our readings and screenings will cover early actualities, ethnographic film, observational documentary, direct cinema, cinema verité, re-enactment, ‘mockumentary’, personal and poetic documentary from a variety of geographic origins. Along the way, we will track the aesthetic evolutions, ethical questions, and emerging conventions that shape and critique notions of truth, authenticity, and objectivity in documentary film. Special attention will be paid to the ways in which historically marginalized communities have mobilized documentary film strategies to address and combat forms of oppression.

    (This course will proceed via remote instruction during Session A)