Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2021

  • Advanced Film Writing

    194 001 | CCN: 25973

    Mark B Sandberg, Lisa Wells Jacobson

    Location: Dwinelle 188

    Date and Time: M, W 12:30pm - 1:59pm

    4 Units

    Prerequisites: no specific courses are required to prepare for this course, but students should understand that this is intended as an advanced writing course and we will not be able to address more basic writing concerns in this class (students interested in working on their academic writing in that way are encouraged to enroll in a new course in Spring Semester 2022 called Film 193: Intermediate Film Writing).

    Consent of instructor required. The class is open to juniors and seniors only.

    Interested students should fill out an application form at An upload of a 3–7 page writing sample is required (either an academic essay, a creative piece such as short story, or a piece of film or TV criticism). The deadline to apply is Friday, July 30th. Students considered for enrollment may be contacted by the instructors for a short zoom interview. Students will be notified of enrollment decisions by August 10th.

    *While it is not necessary to enroll to the waitlist of this course to apply for admittance, you are still welcome to for your own scheduling or financial aid purposes.