Spring 2022 — Pre-Approved Extra-Departmental Undergraduate Film & Media Electives

    Oct 25, 2021

    HISTART 108: Cities and the Arts: Projecting Ancient Rome

    ETHSTD 190: Advanced Seminar in Comparative Ethnic Studies: “Displaying Race, Displaying Culture: Exhibitions, Film, Photography”

    EALANG 181: Special Topics in Genre: East Asian Horror Cinema

    FRENCH 178B: Studies in French Film: French Language Cinema and the Collective
    *This class is open to both French and Film majors, though a knowledge of French is required.

    ETHSTD 122AC: Ethnicity and Race in Contemporary American Films
    *AC Requirement

    SLAVIC 138: Topics in Russian and Soviet Film

    ASAMST 171: Asian Americans in Film and Video

    NATAMST 158: Native Americans and the Cinema

    GERMAN 186: Transnational Cinemas: “Documentary Cinema”

    MEDIAST 101: Visual Culture

    ART 171: Video Projects

    GWS 125: Women and Film