Spring 2016 Graduate Course: Comp Lit 240 – Media and Method Through East Asia

    Jan 19, 2016

    M 2-5 262 Dwinelle – CCN: 17359 – Miryam Sas

    How do media shape the way we see, hear, feel, read, and think about ourselves and the world? How do works of art teach us how to think about media? Does the “media turn” in the humanities cause us to rethink our methods of study? Drawing examples primarily from modern and contemporary East Asia, we will open new frames of reference for understanding literature, film, visual art, and digital media. How does the “media lens” give us a new window on works that we may have studied for other reasons, or on questions that have been important—such as gender, nation and transnational relations, urban space and environment, race and ethnicity?