Pre-Approved Extra-Departmental Undergraduate Film Elective Courses for Fall 2017

    Apr 25, 2017

    The following courses have been approved to count for upper-division elective credit in the Film Studies

    major for Fall 2017. Please visit their respective department websites for course descriptions and

    further information. 


    ANTHRO 138A – History and Theory of Ethnographic Film

    ART 171 – Digital Video: The Architecture of Time

    CHICANO 135B – Latino Narrative Film Since 1990

    ENGLISH 173 – The Language and Literature of Films

    GERMAN 186 – Transnational Cinemas

    ITALIAN 170 – Seeing Red: 1975 in Italian and World Cinema

    RHETOR 130 –  Novel Into Film: Hitchcock Adaptations

    SCANDIN 115 – Studies in Drama and Film