Fall 2022 — Pre-Approved Extra-Departmental Undergraduate Film & Media Electives

    Aug 3, 2022

    ART 171: Video Projects
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth

    ASAMST 138: Topics in Asian Popular Culture
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth

    CHICANO 135B: Latino Narrative Film Since 1990
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth, Historical Studies breadth, Social & Behavioral Sciences breadth

    EALANG 181: East Asian Film: Special Topics in Genre
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth

    FRENCH 170: French Films
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth, International Studies breadth

    GERMAN 184: Documentary Cinemas
    Cross-listed with Film 125, fulfills Film & Media Documentary Forms requirement; Meets Arts & Literature breadth, Social & Behavioral Sciences breadth

    ITALIAN 170: The Italian Cinema: History, Genres, Authors / Global Neorealism
    Cross-listed with Film 145, fulfills Film & Media Global Media requirement; Meets Arts & Literature breadth

    KOREAN 188: Cold War Culture in Korea: Literature and Film
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth

    MEDIAST 180: Television Studies
    Meets Social & Behavioral Sciences breadth

    MEDIAST 190: Special Topics in Media Studies: Video Games and Playful Media

    MELC 157: Reel Arabs: Film and Fiction in the Middle East

    RHETORIC 137: Rhetoric of the Image
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth

    THEATER 121: Performance and Culture: Screendance
    Meets Arts & Literature breadth

    Please note: a maximum of two classes from the pre-approved elective list can be counted for Film & Media elective credit. Cross-listed classes DO NOT count towards this total.