Fall 2021 — Pre-Approved Extra-Departmental Undergraduate Film & Media Electives

    May 27, 2021

    KOREAN 186: Introduction to Korean Cinema
    *This course fulfills Global Media requirement.

    KOREAN 187: History and Memory in Korean Cinema

    FRENCH 170: Introduction to French Cinema
    *This class is open to both French and Film majors, though a knowledge of French is required (Film students will not be assessed on their competency in French).

    ASAMST 138: Topics in Asian Popular Culture

    ART 171: Video Projects

    CHICANO 135B: Latino Narrative Film Since 1990

    ITALIAN 170: The Italian Cinema: History, Genres, Authors: Italian Cinema and the Ecological Imagination
    *Cross-listed with FILM 145. Fulfills Global Media requirement. 

    MELC 157: Reel Arabs: Film and Fiction in the Middle East

    ENGLISH 190: Research Seminar: Utopian and Dystopian Books and Movies

    ART 173: Electro-Crafting