FA24 EALANG grad course

    Apr 30, 2024

    The following course may be of interest to Film graduate students:

    EA Lang 204: Topics in East Asian Studies: “Environmental Media/Art in the Anthropocene”

    This seminar puts into conversation a series of multidisciplinary reflections on the “Anthropocene” with recent theoretical works on environmental media and art in order to explore our linked metabolism with the planet. This will be an exploration in three parts: 1) identifying the conceptual hallmarks of environmental humanities forged under the sign of the Anthropocene; 2) exploring eco-critical responses in media/art theory to anthropogenic impacts, including the imprints of colonial militarism, on transpacific environments; and 3) critiques of Anthropocene and future directions. All readings will be available in English translation, though participants are encouraged to read primary sources in the original languages corresponding to their area(s) of expertise. Requirements: in-class presentation; final seminar paper.