Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2021

  • The Craft of Writing 2 – Film Focus / Stardom, Spectatorship, and Difference

    R1B - 005 | CCN: 31236 | 31246

    Instructor: Dolores McElroy

    *This course will be taught via Remote-Synchronous instruction. Lecture: Tu/Th 12:30-2pm; Screening: W 4-6pm This class is designed to introduce students to college-level academic writing in the humanities with an emphasis on research. The primary goal is to develop... More
  • The Craft of Writing – Film Focus

    R1B 003 | CCN: 31234

    Instructor: , Lisa Wells Jacobson

    Location: Internet/Online

    Date and Time: TU, TH 12:30pm - 1:59pm

    Film is famously built on an optical illusion: a series of still images quickly flit by, engaging your brain to fill in the gaps before you even perceive them. It’s the same trick as the flipbooks you... More
  • The Craft of Writing – Film Focus – The Digital Mundane

    R1B 006 | CCN: 31276

    Instructor: Annie Golda Felix

    Location: Dwinelle 206

    Date and Time: M, W, F 1:00pm - 1:59pm

    aking the personal computer user as its starting point, this course considers the ways in which digital technologies have seeped into the ordinary routines of everyday life. I’m writing here about the quotidian practice of using and... More
  • The Craft of Writing – Film Focus

    R1B 008 | CCN: 31279

    Instructor: Matteo Cavelier Riccardi

    Location: Dwinelle 134

    Date and Time: M, W 5:00pm - 6:29pm

    Intensive argumentative writing stimulated through selected readings, films, and class discussion. Satisfies the second half of the Reading and Composition requirement. ... More