Courses / Graduate

Fall 2020

  • Film and Media Historiography

    201 | CCN: 25948 | 33577

    Instructor: Kristen Whissel

    Lab: F 12pm-2pm; Seminar: F 2pm-5pm   This course investigates a range of methodologies and approaches for writing film and media history from the perspective of technological and historical change. Each week we will focus on recent examples of... More
  • Professionalization Seminar

    203 | CCN: 21831

    Instructor: Kristen Whissel

    Seminar: T   1pm-4pm                  Location: Dwinelle 226   This seminar will address matters related to professionalization within the discipline of Film & Media Studies as well as the degree requirements for the... More
  • Film and Media Seminar “Digital Aesthetics”

    240 - 001 | CCN: 25328 | 26530

    Instructor: Jacob Gaboury

    *This course will be taught via Remote-Synchronous instruction Lecture: Th 2pm-5pm; Lab: Th 5pm-8pm                   This course will examine the influence of digital technology on contemporary film and visual media. Drawing on... More
  • Film and Media Seminar “The Frankfurt School and Critical Media Theory”

    240 - 002 | CCN: 33578

    Instructor: Anton Kaes

    *This course will be taught via Remote-Synchronous instruction   Seminar: M  1pm-4pm   This research seminar will focus on Frankfurt School theories of film, photography, radio, and television, as well as the culture industry in general. We will engage in close... More
  • Screen Dynamics: A Comparative Perspective

    240 - 003 | CCN: 33615

    Instructor: Weihong Bao

    Seminar: W 4pm-7pm; Location: Starr Library  In recent years, the proliferation and ubiquity of screens across the globe has raised new questions about the ontology, archaeology, and ecology of media. What is a screen? Is it a technical... More