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Eliot Bessette


Eliot Bessette is a PhD candidate in Film & Media. His dissertation examines the philosophical relationship of fear and thought elicited by horror films and walkthrough haunted house attractions, or "haunts." He received an MA in Cinema and Media Studies from UCLA and an AB in … More

Jennifer Blaylock


Jennifer Blaylock is a PhD candidate in Film & Media. Her dissertation, Spectacularly Mobile: Transnational Histories of New Media in Ghana, recounts the history of new media discourse in Ghana at key moments of political and technological change from the 1900s to the present. Jennifer holds … More

Harry Burson


Harry Burson is a PhD student in Film & Media interested in film sound technology and aesthetics. He received an M.A. in English from Georgetown University and a B.A. in English from Truman State University. More

Alex Bush


Alex Bush is a PhD candidate in Film & Media. Her dissertation, "Cold Storage: A Media History of the Glacier" (working title), examines the role played by visual media in the historical conceptualization of nature. In 2015, she co-organized the Third International Berkeley … More

Patrick Ellis

  • pgellis@berkeley.edu
  • Early and silent cinema, media archaeology, history of science and technology, history of cartography, world's fairs and expositions
  • Advisor: Mark Sandberg


Patrick Ellis is a Mellon / ACLS Dissertation Fellow and PhD candidate. He is finishing his dissertation, Aeroscopics: Cartographic Spectacles from Panorama to Film, which provides a media archeology of the aerial view in the era prior to commonplace flight. His interests beyond … More

Lisa Jacobson

  • lisawj@berkeley.edu
  • Television (particularly American and German), theories of history and memory, seriality, new media, allegory


Lisa W. Jacobson is a PhD candidate in Film & Media working on contemporary American and German film and television. Her dissertation focuses on recent American and German historical television melodramas and the shifting historiographic role of broadcast/post-broadcast television. She … More

Dolores McElroy


Dolores is a PhD candidate in Film & Media with an M.A. in Film Studies from Columbia University and a B.A. in English (Film Track) from Colorado College. More

Renée Pastel

  • rlpastel@berkeley.edu
  • film and neuroscience, new/digital media, representations of war, memory and film, media politics and culture, film theory, television
  • Advisor: Linda Williams

Alina Predescu


Alina Predescu is a PhD candidate in Film & Media working on questions of ethics and aesthetics in documentary and nonfiction film. Her research explores concepts of ethnographic representation in nonfiction film, forms of perfomativity present in documentary film, and the interview as a … More

Diana Ruiz


Diana Ruiz is a PhD student in Film & Media and holds a BA in Women's Studies and Certificate in Arts of the Moving Image from Duke University. She is interested in the politics of museum exhibition (particularly in Latin America), expanded cinema, decolonial aesthetics, documentary ethics, … More