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Courses / Undergraduate - Summer 2016

Summer 2016

  • The Craft of Writing: Contemporary International Horror

    R1B - 001 | CCN: 28202

    The Craft of Writing: Contemporary International Horror

    Instructor: Katherine Guerra

    TuWTh 9-1130A, 242 DWINELLE

    Monstrosity has long functioned as a trope in horror narratives to question and investigate tacit assumptions about the human. Understanding the monstrous involves establishing the dominant or “norm” against which monstrosity is … More

  • Film and Media Cultures

    20 | CCN: 28205

    Film and Media Cultures

    Instructor: Lisa Jacobson

    MWF 2-430P, 142 DWINELLE

    What can we learn about culture and society through the various media with which we interact on a daily basis? This course introduces students to theories and methods in the scholarly study of media, including print media, photography, film, … More

  • The History of Film - Sound Era

    25B | CCN: 28206

    The History of Film - Sound Era

    Instructor: Avy Valladares

    MWF 11-130P, 142 DWINELLE

    “Cinema gestated in Sight, and was born into Sound.” - Walter Murch, Foreword to Audio-Vision Why study the history of cinema, and how has contemporary cinema developed out of that history? Walter Benjamin claimed that “every … More

  • An Introduction to Film for Nonmajors

    50 | CCN: 28210

    An Introduction to Film for Nonmajors

    Instructor: Emily Carpenter

    TuWTh 9-1130A, 142 DWINELLE

    This course offers casual movie-goers and seasoned cinephiles alike an occasion to (re)discover the pleasures of the film medium. Open to students from any department, with any level of experience watching films critically, this course provides … More

  • Film Genre: Game of Thrones

    108 - 001 | CCN: 28212

    Film Genre: Game of Thrones

    Instructor: Justin Vaccaro

    TuWTh 2-430P, 142 DWINELLE

    Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon. Derived from a series of bestselling novels, it is one of the most popular shows on television, the most pirated show on the web, and a critical darling, courting both a wide demographic of fans and more … More

  • Documentary Film

    128 | CCN: 28216

    Documentary Film

    Instructor: Jennifer Blaylock

    TuWTh 2-430P, 188 DWINELLE

    The primary purpose of this course is to give an overview of the history and theory of documentary film. Yet recognizing that documentary is one of many non-fiction filmmaking practices, our course will seek to understand and define documentary … More

  • History of Avant-Garde Film

    129 | CCN: 28220

    History of Avant-Garde Film

    Instructor: Eileen Jones

    TuWTh 1130-2P, 142 DWINELLE

    This course is a survey of the rich history and aesthetics of the international film Avant-Garde from the 1920s to the present. The course explores the development of a range of experimental film forms and practices, situating them in relation to … More