Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2015

  • 20 | CCN: 31641

    Film and Media Cultures

    Instructor: Damon Young

    MW 930-11A, 142 DWINELLE

    This course is designed to introduce undergraduates to the study of a range of media, including photography, film, television, video, and print and digital media. Throughout the semester, we will focus on questions of medium … More

  • 25A | CCN: 31642

    The History of Film (Silent Era)

    Instructor: Anne Nesbet

    TuTh 930-11A, 142 DWINELLE


  • 25B | CCN: 31648

    The History of Film (Sound Era)

    Instructor: Eileen Jones

    MW 1230-2P, 188 DWINELLE

    In this introductory survey course we will examine the history of cinema from the early sound film era circa 1935 through the international development of film as a transformative technology, art form, and commercial medium up to the present … More

  • 26 | CCN: 31654

    Moving Image Media

    Instructor: Greg Niemeyer

    W 9-12P, 285 KROEBER


  • 108 | CCN: 31696

    Special Topics in Film: Romantic Comedy

    Instructor: Emily Carpenter

    TuTh 930-11A, 188 DWINELLE

    This class will investigate what makes romance -- or cinema's approximation thereof -- funny: how and why comedy is one of the most popular genres or modes through which audiences consume romance narratives. This undertaking consists of four … More

  • 129 | CCN: 31708

    The Avant-Garde Film

    Instructor: Jeffrey Skoller

    TuTh 2-330P, 142 DWINELLE

    “Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all!”--Andre Breton Avant-garde film is a cinema of subversion, filled with challenging, unruly images and ideas that are often messy, sublime and like life itself, complicated! … More

  • 140 - 001 | CCN: 31732

    Special Topics in Film: Color Theory

    Instructor: Eileen Jones

    F 10-1P, 142 DWINELLE

    In the introduction to Color: The Film Reader, Brian Price argues that until recently film studies scholars have suffered from “chromophobia,” neglecting to address in any comprehensive way “the centrality of color to the … More

  • 140 - 002 | CCN: 31735

    Special Topics in Film: The 1950's

    Instructor: Emily Carpenter

    MW 11-1230P, 188 DWINELLE

    This course surveys the cultural landscape of this iconic but often-misunderstood decade, providing interested students with an opportunity for in-depth study of a movement, genre, or national cinema of their choice. Beginning with an examination … More

  • 140 - 004 | CCN: 31744

    Special Topics in Film

    Instructor: The Staff

    MW 2-330P, 188 DWINELLE


  • 151 | CCN: 31750

    Auteur Theory: Coen Brothers

    Instructor: Eileen Jones

    MW 930-11A, 188 DWINELLE

    In this course we will examine the films of writer-director-producer team Joel and Ethan Coen in terms of the ways in which these films confirm, challenge, and provide insight into existing theories of film authorship. The Coens are useful … More

  • 151 | CCN: 31755

    Contemporary Chinese Film Auteurs

    Instructor: Weihong Bao

    MW 11-1230P, 142 DWINELLE

    This course introduces Chinese film auteurs since the late 1970s across the geopolitical divides between Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. We will focus on individual film auteurs (Jia Zhangke, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Wong Kar Wai, etc.) situated in … More

  • 160 | CCN: 31762

    National Cinema: Japanese Cinema

    Instructor: Miryam Sas

    TuTh 11-1230P, 188 DWINELLE


  • 180 | CCN: 31767

    Beginning Screenwriting

    Instructor: J. Mira Kopell

    M 9-12P, 226 DWINELLE

    Explores the art and craft of writing a feature length, narrative screenplay. Each student pitches three story ideas, chooses on concept to develop into an outline and then completes the first act of the script. The class is part lecture, part … More

  • 180B | CCN: 31771

    Advanced Screenwriting

    Instructor: J. Mira Kopell

    M 1-4P, 226 DWINELLE

    In a workshop setting students explores the art and craft of writing a feature length narrative screenplay. Writers workshop detailed script outlines and then develop that material into a screenplay. New work is presented weekly. Discussion … More

  • 185 | CCN: 31773

    Digital Video

    Instructor: J. Mira Kopell

    TuTh 9-12P, 135 DWINELLE

    This hands on course explores the process of making narrative shorts using digital video production. Students will write, pre-visualize, direct and edit three short films and crew on an additional six class projects. Scripts and cuts are … More