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Courses / Undergraduate - Summer 2016

Summer 2016

  • Film for Nonmajors

    50 | CCN: 94852

    Film for Nonmajors

    Instructor: Emily Carpenter


  • History of Avant-Garde Film

    129 | CCN: 97844

    History of Avant-Garde Film

    Instructor: Eileen Jones

    This course is a survey of the rich history and aesthetics of the international film Avant-Garde from the 1920s to the present. The course explores the development of a range of experimental film forms and practices, situating them in relation to … More

  • Documentary Film

    128 | CCN: 97846

    Documentary Film

    Instructor: Jennifer Blaylock

    The primary purpose of this course is to give an overview of the history and theory of documentary film. Yet recognizing that documentary is one of many non-fiction filmmaking practices, our course will seek to understand and define documentary … More

  • Film Genre: Game of Thrones

    108 - 001 | CCN: 97850

    Film Genre: Game of Thrones

    Instructor: Justin Vaccaro

    Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon. Derived from a series of bestselling novels, it is one of the most popular shows on television, the most pirated show on the web, and a critical darling, courting both a wide demographic of fans and more … More

  • The History of Film - Sound Era

    25B | CCN: 97856

    The History of Film - Sound Era

    Instructor: Renée Pastel

    “Cinema gestated in Sight, and was born into Sound.” - Walter Murch, Foreword to Audio-Vision Why study the history of cinema, and how has contemporary cinema developed out of that history? Walter Benjamin claimed that “every … More

  • The Craft of Writing: Contemporary International Horror

    R1B - 001 | CCN: 97858

    The Craft of Writing: Contemporary International Horror

    Instructor: Katherine Guerra

    Monstrosity has long functioned as a trope in horror narratives to question and investigate tacit assumptions about the human. Understanding the monstrous involves establishing the dominant or “norm” against which monstrosity is … More

  • Film and Media Cultures

    20 | CCN: TBD

    Film and Media Cultures

    Instructor: Lisa Jacobson

    What can we learn about culture and society through the various media with which we interact on a daily basis? This course introduces students to theories and methods in the scholarly study of media, including print media, photography, film, … More