Courses / Undergraduate

Summer 2015

  • R1B - 001 | Session A | CCN: 48205

    The Craft of Writing - Myths, Legends, Storytelling

    Instructor: Katherine Guerra

    MTuW 10-1230P, 109 DWINELLE

    Human beings have been sharing stories and passing down oral tales since they began living together in societies. Myths and legends predate the written word. Our goal is to interrogate why almost every people on earth has some history of … More

  • 25B | Session A | CCN: 48215

    History of Sound Film

    Instructor: Patrick Ellis

    MWF 930-12P, 142 DWINELLE

    Seventy-five years of film history in five weeks. Ranging widely, this class will cover major film movements, events, and technologies; as well as minor genres, national cinemas, and media. Recurrent areas of focus will include animation, science … More

  • 26 | Session C | CCN: 48225

    Introduction to Digital Video Production

    Instructor: David Borengasser

    TuWTh 10-12P, 30 DWINELLE

    The objective of this class is to provide the basic technical foundation necessary for creative digital film production while emphasizing the techniques and languages of creative moving image media. The course is designed to give a basic … More

  • 100 | Session D | CCN: 48235

    History of Film and Media Theory

    Instructor: Renee Pastel

    MWF 930-12P, 188 DWINELLE

    Why do we watch film, television, and online video? What makes these media pleasurable and central in our lives? And how do these media convey and influence the world in which they are created? This course introduces film and media theory by … More

  • 108 | Session A | CCN: 48245

    Film Genre

    Instructor: Eliot Bessette

    MWF 1-330P, 188 DWINELLE

     Contemporary American horror films are pushing the boundaries of intense fear, violence, and grotesquerie ever further. This is in the nature of the genre. Barbara Creed says each horror film “creates in audiences a desire, perhaps … More

  • 128 | Session A | CCN: 48265

    Documentary Film

    Instructor: Jennifer Blaylock

    TuWTh 1-330P, 142 DWINELLE

    The primary purpose of this course is to give an overview of the history and theory of documentary film. Yet, recognizing that documentary is one of many non-fiction filmmaking practices, our course will seek to understand and define documentary … More

  • 129 | Session D | CCN: 48275

    History of Avant-Garde Film

    Instructor: Eileen Jones

    TuWTh 2-430P, 142 DWINELLE

    This course is a survey of the rich history and aesthetics of the international film Avant-Garde from the 1920s to the present. The course explores the development of a range of experimental film forms and practices, situating them in relation to … More