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Fall 2018

203 | CCN: 21516

Film Studies Proseminar

Kristen Whissel,

4 Units

M 10:00 AM-1:00 PM, Dwinelle 226

This seminar will address matters related to professionalization within the discipline of film and media studies as well as the degree requirements for the Ph.D. in Film & Media. Each week we will meet to discuss a specific topic, including the Qualifying Exam, QE fields and lists, writing the dissertation prospectus, researching and writing the dissertation, publishing articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, the job market, writing job application letters, the job interview and campus visit, turning a dissertation into a book, university presses and how to approach university press editors (and what they are looking for), writing a book proposal, and tenure. 

This course will cover a variety of 16mm filmmaking techniques, including hand-painted film, cinematography, and digital transfer with an emphasis on the avant-garde. Through readings, hands-on workshops, and individual projects, students will learn about exposure, the photochemical process, various film stocks, and digital editing. This course is intended to provide an historical perspective of film technology before the invention of video, a foundational understanding of cinematography as it is still used in video today, and an introduction to motion picture film as a professional medium of choice for contemporary filmmakers. Students will shoot and edit traditional 16mm film as well as digital transfers of film to video. This is a studio-based film production course that will utilize a range of equipment including: 16mm film cameras, video cameras and software, and audio and lighting instruments. The work created in class will culminate in a final screening/performance of individual and group assignments.