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Department of Film & Media UC Berkeley

Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2018

181 | CCN: 24813

Advanced Screenwriting

J. Mira Kopell,

4 Units

Th 9:00am-12:00pm, Dwinelle 226

In a workshop setting students will explore the art and craft of writing a feature-length narrative screenplay and a serial drama. Writers will present a detailed script outline of a feature to the class and then develop that material into a portion of a feature screenplay. Scenes will be workshopped in class. In addition all students participate in a TV Writers’ Room where they work collaboratively to create a spec script for an hour-long episode of an existing TV drama series.

Discussion topics include characterization, non-conventional story structure, scene structure, visual storytelling, dialogue, creating a unified script, TV dramatic structure.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required. This class is open to juniors and seniors with some screenwriting experience. Preference is given to Film & Media majors. Interested students should attend the first class session and be prepared to email a writing sample (5 pages or more of a script).