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Fall 2018

25A | CCN: 21534

History of Film 1: Silent - WWII

Anne Nesbet,

4 Units

M/W 9:30am-11:00pm; W 12:30-3:30pm, Dwinelle 142

This class will serve as an introduction to narrative cinema, from its nineteenth-century prehistory to its hugely popular role in the 1930s. Topics considered will include the rise of early film, the gradual development of cinematic narrative, the development of national cinematic styles in the 1920s, the transition to sound, and the studio filmmaking of the 1930s. Film 25A is a required class for the Film major. Students majoring in Film must pass Film 25A and 25B with a grade of C or better to declare or remain in the major.    

This course will cover a variety of 16mm filmmaking techniques, including hand-painted film, cinematography, and digital transfer with an emphasis on the avant-garde. Through readings, hands-on workshops, and individual projects, students will learn about exposure, the photochemical process, various film stocks, and digital editing. This course is intended to provide an historical perspective of film technology before the invention of video, a foundational understanding of cinematography as it is still used in video today, and an introduction to motion picture film as a professional medium of choice for contemporary filmmakers. Students will shoot and edit traditional 16mm film as well as digital transfers of film to video. This is a studio-based film production course that will utilize a range of equipment including: 16mm film cameras, video cameras and software, and audio and lighting instruments. The work created in class will culminate in a final screening/performance of individual and group assignments.