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Spring 2017

187 | CCN: 15188

Advanced Digital Production: The Narrative Short

J. Mira Kopell,

4 Units

This hands-on workshop explores the collaborative process of making a narrative short using digital video production. Over the semester, students will write, rewrite, pre-visualize, shoot, direct and edit one project, approximately 12 – 15 minutes in length. Each student will also produce a classmate's project.

The semester is broken into four stages – script concept/development, pre production, production and postproduction. Script development emphasizes visual storytelling, dramatic structure, character development and theme. Pre-production highlights pre-visualization strategies, script analysis, casting, rehearsing, scheduling. Production focuses on directing the camera and actors, shot choice/composition, lighting, crew work. Post focuses on editing esthetics and sound design.

Narrative shorts from around the world are screened to facilitate discussion of strategies for making an effective short film.

Emphasis is on each student mastering the creative, practical, technical, and theoretical concepts related to digital production. Ultimately, each student will create a short that is technically proficient and personally meaningful.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required. This class is open to juniors and seniors with directing/production experience. Preference is given to Film & Media majors. Interested students should attend the first class session. Please be prepared to submit film work.