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Pre-Approved Extra-Departmental Undergraduate Film Elective Courses for Spring 2018

The following courses have been approved to count for upper-division elective credit in the Film Studies major for Spring 2018.

Please visit their respective department websites for course descriptions and further information. 


French 170 - CN:39629   (25 seats) 

French Films: Introduction to French Cinema 

French 141 - CN:39616   (40 seats)

French Studies in an International Context

France, Europe and the Refugee "Crisis": Explorations in Fiction and Film

Slavic 138 - CN:32173   (30 seats)

Topics in Russian and Soviet Film; Sergei Eisenstein

Rhetoric 131T - CN:29870 (17 seats)

Genre in Film & Literature: Western Noir

Rhetoric 132T - CN:40955 (17 seats)

Auteur in Film: The Films of the Coen Brothers 

English 173 - CN:38962   (40 seats)

The Language and Literature of Films (Post)colonial Film

GWS 126 - CN:39436   (50 seats) 

Film, Feminism, and the Avant-Garde

AfricAmSt 142AC - CN:21951   (138 seats)

Race and American Film 

Anthro 138B - CN:39639   (12 seats)

Field Production of Ethnographic Film

EthnicSt 122AC - CN:24203   (90 seats) 

Ethnicity and Race in Contemporary American Films

Italian 170 - CN:32137  (35 seats) 

The Italian Cinema: History, Genres, Authors

Korean 186 - CN:39292  (30 seats) 

Introduction to Korean Cinema 

Art 141 - CN: 323082 (17 opens seats) 

Temporal Structures: Video and Performance Art

Art 174 - CN:41461 (17 open seats)

Advanced Digital Video