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Summer 2017 Courses - Enroll Today!

Check out our exciting course offerings for Summer 2017! Included are courses required for the major, upper-division film electives, a production course, and even a course for nonmajors.

Enrollment begins February 1st, 2017 through CalCentral for all UC Berkeley students.


Session A ||| May 22 - June 30

Film R1A: The Craft of Writing - Recording the Un-recorded: Folklore, Movie Monstrosities, and Global Community
Katherine Guerra

Film 20 - Film and Media Cultures
Alex Bush

Film 25A - History of Film: Silent Era
Emily Carpenter

Session D ||| July 3 - August 11

Film 50 - Film for Nonmajors
Emily Carpenter

Film 108: Film Genre - Game of Thrones
Justin Vaccaro (caricatured above)

Film 129 - History of Avant-Garde Film
Eileen Jones

Film 187: Special Topics in Film Production - Intro to 16mm
David Borengasser and Colin Brant