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Approved Extra-Departmental Film Elective Courses - Spring 2017

The following courses have been approved to count for upper-division elective credit in the Film Studies major for Spring 2017. Please visit their respective department websites for course descriptions and further information. 

AFRICAM 142AC - Race in American Film

ARMENI 126 - Armenian Culture and Film

EALANG 105 - Dynamics of Romantic Core Values in East Asian Premodern Literature and Contemporary Film

ETHSTD 122AC - Ethnicity and Race in Contemporary American Films

FRENCH 140D: An Introduction to the Films of the French New Wave

FRENCH 178B - Studies in French Film

GERMAN 182 - German Cinema in Exile

ITALIAN 170 - The Italian Cinema: History, Genres, Authors

JAPAN 188 - Japanese Visual Culture: Introduction to Anime

KOREAN 187 - History and Memory in Korean Cinema

NESTUD 165 - Film and Fiction of Iran

RHETOR 131T - Genre in Film and Literature

RHETOR 135T - Selected Topics in Film (Color Theory)

RHETOR 189.3 - Special Topics in Rhetoric (Television Storytelling: The Poetics of Complex TV Narratives)

SLAVIC 138 - Topics in Russian and Soviet Film

If you would like to petition for another course to be added to this list, please submit your requests to undergraduate major advisor Blaine Jones at blainejones@berkeley.edu. You MUST include the following: course description, course syllabus, and the number of units. Courses under 4 units will not be approved for upper-division electives.